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Trinidad, Gewan Gangaram, 75% - 0.5oz Chocolate Square

Trinidad, Gewan Gangaram, 75% - 0.5oz Chocolate Square


Estimated Arrival: Between Jul 31 and Aug 02

Reminds us of lemon meringue pie, and tangerine.


Can we just say, WOW! Named a finalist in the 2021 Good Food Awards, this chocolate sings to soul of those seeking a life changing experience.


Rio Claro is located in Southeastern Trinidad and the area's farms are well suited to grow a wide range of crops – the many small streams, ponds, hills and trails make this possible.
Crop rotation is  popular among many of the traditional cocoa, citrus, banana and coffee farmers.
The Rio Claro Microlot farmers adhere to the best practices in cocoa harvesting, fermentation and drying, and as a result produce consistent high-quality, uniquely flavoured seeds.
We love this cocoa and decided to bump up the  percentage of cocoa for this 75% chocolate.

Roaster's Dozen

Our "Roaster's Dozen" a take on the classic Baker's dozen, where we add a 13th square to your order for free!


Cocoa Beans and Organic Cane Sugar