This is the very best I’ve ever had anywhere in the World.
— Richard Betts, Master Sommelier

Taste And See

Seahorse Chocolate is honestly, thoughtfully crafted, bean-to-bar chocolate for the adventurous spirit. It’s for the explorers. The learners. For those who pay attention to the little things - the roast of their coffee, the tasting notes of their whiskey, the complexity of their wine, the hops that went into their favorite craft beer, and the story behind it all. 

Our roots lie with the family folks, the show-goers, the rockers, the “let’s try that new place”-ers, and the “not afraid to get our hands dirty” types.  Looking forward and embracing whatever comes and re-imagining what we thought we understood. We believe that taste can be subjective - therein lies the adventure, and the spirit behind our chocolate. It’s where exclusivity and accessibility meet - meant to share something new.

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Chocolate for the Explorers


Cocoa, like wine and coffee, contains hidden, layered nuances which vary greatly depending on the region, soil, altitude, farmer and preparation. Roasting for each varietal must be tailored to reveal these unique aspects. Our family loves to eat, drink and then discuss what we just ate and drank. So, with decades of coffee roasting experience, one son in culinary school and  the other obsessed with the darkest of chocolate from the time he could walk, we decided to meld our passions. We transformed our loft into a chocolate factory. With each hand wrapped bar, our goal is to inspire appreciation for single origin cocoa. 

We invite you to taste, share, and compare notes.



Try the 3 Pac - one bar of each current varietal - Honduras, Dominican Republic, and Vietnam.

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