Available at the following amazing establishments.... 


The Humble Beet, 1124 NW Newport Ave, Bend, OR 97703, humblebeet.com

Brasada Ranch, 16976 SW Brasada Ranch Rd, Powell Butte, OR 97753, brasada.com

Megaphone Coffee, 1009 NW Galveston Ave, Bend, OR 97703, megaphonecoffee.com

Eb and Bean, 3040 SE Division ST, Portland, OR 97202, ebandbean.com

Eb and Bean, 1425 NE Broadway, Portland, OR 97232, ebandbean.com

Jacksons Corner Eastside, 1500 NE Cushing Dr., Bend, OR, www.jacksonscornerbend.com

Jacksons Corner Westside, 845 NW Delaware, Bend, OR, www.jacksonscornerbend.com

The Workhouse, 50 SE Scott St. #6, Bend, OR, theworkhousebend.com

Sisters Coffee, 273 W. Hood, Sisters, OR, sisterscoffee.com

Sisters Coffee, 1235 NW Marshall St., Portland, OR, sisterscoffee.com

Spoken Moto, 310 SW Industrial Way, Bend, OR 97702, spokenmoto.com

Thump Coffee, 25 NW Minnesotta, Bend, OR, thumpcoffee.com

Thump Coffee, 549 NW York Dr. STE 200, Bend, OR thumpcoffee.com

Palate Coffee, 643 NW Colorado, Bend, OR, palatecoffeebar.com

The Meadow, 805 NW 23rd Ave, Portland, OR, themeadow.com

The Meadow, 3731 N Mississippi Ave, Portland, OR, themeadow.com

Lone Pine Coffee Roasters, 845 NW Tin Pan Alley, lonepinecoffeeroasters.com

Redmond Airport, 2522 SE Jesse Butler Circle, flyrdm.com

Newport Avenue Market, 1121 NW Newport Ave, newportavemarket.com

West Coast Provisions, 2735 NW Crossing Dr., Bend, OR 97703

Back Porch Coffee Roasters, 70 SW Century Dr, Bend, OR 97703, backporchcoffeeroasters.com

Back Porch Coffee Roasters, 1052 NW Newport Ave., Bend, OR 97701, backporchcoffeeroasters.com

Back Porch Coffee Roasters, 706 NE Greenwood Ave., Bend, OR 97701, backporchcoffeeroasters.com


“There is nothing better than a friend, unless it’s a friend with chocolate” - Charles Dickens