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Fiji, Matasawalevu 70% 0.5oz

Fiji, Matasawalevu 70% 0.5oz

Fiji, Matasawalevu 70% 0.5oz


Reminds us of eating brownie batter licked right off a wooden spoon, with a pleasant hit of caramel.

In Northern Fiji, Matasawalevu cocoa comes from Vanua, the second largest of the Fijian islands, situated on one-hundred acres of ferial land in the hills of Dreketi.

This amazing cocoa is a product of the hard work Macuata Arif Khan started when he created the Cocoa Fiji Project as a way help cocoa farmers in Fiji have a better connections to craft chocolate makers.

Traditional techniques are used post-harvest resulting in some of the world’s highest quality cocoa. The Matasawalevu cocoa was named one of the top 50 best cocoa beans by the International Cocoa Awards.

0.5 oz Chocolate Bar