About Subscriptions

When you choose a subscription from seahorse it couldn't make us more happy. 

If you're curious to learn more about how subscriptions work, please follow the below links to get the details.

About Subscriptions: When you choose to sign-up for a subscription we'll send out your order on your schedule so you'll get your favorite Seahorse Chocolate when you want it next. Subscriptions are weekly or monthly recurring orders and will end when you specify.

About Gift Subscriptions: When you sign up for a Gift Subscription we'll take full payment up-front, but send out the chocolate of your choice on a once-month basis for the selected duration. You will only be charge the one time, though the chocolate will continue to ship until the end of your selected time.

To make changes to your subscription follow link in the customer portal to to customize your subscription experience, allowing you to add or swap products, manage your delivery and billing information