Sourcing Cocoa

Colombia, Chaparral

Nestled in Colombia's lush and verdant Chaparral region, Cholaca and Aroco have formed a partnership to create a brand new origin of cacao that's sure to tantalize taste buds. By combining time-honored traditions with cutting-edge technologies, they're working directly with local farmers to produce a consistently high-quality product that showcases the region's unique flavors and techniques.

The Chaparral region is known for its rich soil and ideal climate, making it the perfect place to cultivate some of the world's finest cacao. By partnering with local farmers, Cholaca and Aroco are able to support the region's agricultural traditions and help promote sustainable farming practices.

Not only is the partnership helping to create a top-notch chocolate product, but it's also having a positive impact on the lives of indigenous farmers in the region. By increasing the value of cacao, Cholaca and Aroco are creating economic opportunities for farmers while encouraging the preservation of the local ecosystem. So go ahead and indulge in a bar of their delectable chocolate – you'll be supporting a great cause while enjoying the unique flavors of the Chaparral region.

Dominican Republic, Zorzal

This 1000 plus acre bird sanctuary produces organic cocoa, macadamias and bananas while remaining dedicated to sustainable agroforestry farming practices. A community of 13 landowners in the area have committed to affecting climate change and reducing carbon emissions through reforestation techniques.

The resulting cocoa beans have immense flavor and intense aromas. Passion for the craft is evident within these grafted varietals and custom fermentation lots. We proudly support this innovative community and cherish our artistic collaboration.

Vietnam, Tian Giang, Mekong Delta

Tien Giang, a province in Vietnam's Mekong Delta, is a lush region with rivers, rice paddies, and swamplands. Its fertile land has been farmed for over a century and boasts hundreds of miles of canals that reach deep into the farmland.

The farmers of Tien Giang once formed a cooperative of 12 fermenters with around 20 farmers each, producing cacao. Thanks to US government aid, the co-op processed and exported their cacao. Although the co-op has disbanded, Marou now works directly with 5 of the original fermenter groups. Marou ensures top-notch quality by testing each bag and providing farmers with feedback and technical assistance. Tien Giang's cacao is a delectable chocolate with hints of spice, brown fruit, and honey.


Peru, Ucayali River

The Ucayali River is the main headstream of the Amazon River. Ucayali River Cacao is a central fermentary that works with cocoa farmers along the Ucayali River outside of the Peruvian city of Pucallpa. Working with around 400 small-holder farmers with one-to-three hectares of land apiece, Ucayali River Cacao buys wet cacao at a premium price, giving economic opportunity to otherwise remote communities.

Trinidad, Rio Claro House of Cocoa

Rio Claro is located in Southeastern Trinidad and the area's farms are well suited to grow a wide range of crops – the many small streams, ponds, hills and trails make this possible. Crop rotation is popular among many of the traditional cocoa, citrus, banana and coffee farmers. These microlots have been brought to market through the amazing effort of Gewan Gangaram and his central fermentary, helping regional farmers to adhere to the best practices in cocoa growing, harvesting, fermentation, and drying. The results produce consistent high-quality, uniquely flavored cocoa. Through our roasting process, our chocolate has been nominated two years in a row for the Good Food Awards.