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Seahorse is exploring the full potential of single origin cocoa through roasting.

Join our pursuit to break the boundaries of the chocolate status quo.

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We source single origin cocoa beans from small family farms, with a strong focus on direct-trade and responsible farming practices.


We use our experience of drum roasting to bring out the best flavor in the cocoa beans that translates into yummy flavors in your mouth when you eat our chocolate.


Roasted cocoa beans are then sorted and cracked from the hull (shell) of the cocoa bean. This exposes the cocoa nibs hiding beneath the surface.


Hulls and nibs are then separated by gently drawing away the husk, which is much lighter in weight, from the dense nibs.


The nibs are stone ground for many days. Conching transforms the beans into a dense liquid known as cocoa liquor, as the natural oils within the cocoa beans are realased.


The chocolate liquor is then cooled and mixed at an exacting temperature to create a crystalline matrix during the tempering process, then poured into chocolate form molds to cool for a snappy finish.