Meet the Founders


Seahorse Chocolate Founders: RC and Amanda Gartrell

R.C. Gartrell grew up in Portland, OR and filled his days with obscure punk rock tunes while riding the 90’s wave of the coffee revolution. As an early devotee, he helped craft new roasting, tastes and perspectives. Two decades later he is still skating, skiing, running, rocking and on quest for the ever illusive perfect roast. With two kids and wife in tow he took a daredevil jump into the world of cocoa. He still remains true to his roots and is all about education, honesty, and truly happy taste buds. R.C. loves to share his passions and can be found working behind the roaster most afternoons. Loving what you do is not optional for R.C. it's a lifestyle.

Amanda Gartrell was raised in an idyllic setting, riding horses, picking berries, swimming and  wandering in the rain filled woods. Even now, off the grid is still her environment of choice. She has dabbled in wine, metalsmithing, acrylics, and hobbies galore. She loves to hike, snowboard, read, dance and laugh. Amanda and R.C. met in Telluride, CO where the kids were born. She took a 10 year hiatus in order to homeschool the children, both of which help with spoon licking at the chocolate factory. She can be found most afternoons at the roastery, with the family in part or whole playing funky music, cracking, winnowing and wrapping bars.