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Our Process

We are roasters by trade. Our goal is to source the world’s finest cocoa, to roast each of these varietals with the utmost care, to bring out each cocoa's individual potential, and to carefully create uncomplicated chocolate bars for tasting.

Forming is an exciting step in the chocolate making process because it’s the moment that creates the chocolate bar you get to enjoy. But to create this, you must complete a series of time intensive and exacting processes to achieve the magical formation we know as a chocolate bar.

We could wax poetic, or write a lengthy scientific dissertation on how to achieve this important step in the chocolate making process, but you're not here for that, and honestly, neither are we.

We got into this business because we love experiencing, creating, and sharing toothsome moments. All the more reason to stop reading this and quickly pop a Seahorse Chocolate in your mouth and get to the point.