The Origins of Seahorse

RC Gartrell. Co-Founder of Seahorse Chocolate. Chief Cocoa Roaster.

RC Gartrell, Chief Cocoa Roaster

I knew two things for sure as a young boy: my record collection never lied to me (although some of them revealed nuances over time), and I loved the taste of beer, coffee, and chocolate.

I was the kid that traded his lunch candy to anyone who had mini Hershey’s Special Dark Bars. As many of us in the late eighties did, I decided to play in a band after college for — a living.  All anyone needed was a Marshall and ripped jeans right? It turns out I was a lot better at listening to music than playing it in front of others.

Having already been a part of the creation of Tomboy, Hopscotch, and Stumptown Coffee roasters, I wanted to try my hand at chocolate. They’re both sourced between tropics, how different could it be? Turns out, quite a bit! But I kept doing it, and the chocolate kept tasting better and better.

Our goals are simple: 

1. Be responsible, respectful human beings, and 

2. Source, make, and eat the best chocolate. 

We sincerely hope you enjoy our chocolate as much as we do. Tasting really is a lot of fun!

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