Hot Cocoa Drink Mix

Hot Cocoa Drink Mix

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Tanzania 80%

That’s right, your very own single-origin chocolate ready to mix into mochas and hot chocolates.

Perfectly blended to make all your marshmallowy dreams come true! 

We designed our Cocoa Drink Mix using shavings of our 80% single origin Tanzania chocolate and Tanzania cocoa powder, and added just enough organic cane sugar to make a decadent and scrumptious beverage when added with your favorite milk or milk alternative.


Elevate your chocolate experience with Kokoa Kamili sourced cacao beans, harvested from the lush forests of Tanzania. These ethically and sustainably grown beans capture the unique terroir of the region, delivering a taste that's as exotic as it is exquisite. Explore the flavors of Africa in every bite while supporting responsible sourcing. Taste the difference today.


Chocolate, organic cocoa powder, organic cane sugar, and salt